Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Message of the Pyramids

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
-       George Santayana

Last week I wrote about my beliefs about Judgment day, today I will share information of a time in our history when the world may have indeed ended, at least for a powerful and almost forgotten civilization. Modern researchers and historians over the past few decades have been questioning mainstream history and mainstream archaeology searching for answers to explain the unexplainable.

In today’s world there are so many theories about what could happen to cause a worldwide catastrophe, from a nuclear explosion to zombies taking over. One of the best ways of figuring out what could actually happen in the future is to ask if anything so catastrophic ever occurred in the past. This question has been asked and one of the keys to answering it is by taking a really close look at some of the worlds biggest and oldest standing monuments, the 3 great pyramids of Giza in modern Egypt.

It has more recently come to light that the ancient Egyptians did not build the great pyramids, nor did they carve out the great sphinx. If the Egyptians did not build these massive monuments, then who did and why? I’m going to share with you the tip of an iceberg of what is now being uncovered about these monuments and their impact on our own history and possible future.

If we, modern man, knew for sure that our world was going to end and even with our great technology could not do anything about it, but except leave a message for a possible future civilization. A message saying who we were, when we lived and what happened to us. What would this message look like? Would we just carve our name in the ground and hope it would last forever, or with all our technology would we build something so massive and so strong, that it could last through out the ages. Perhaps lasting for millennia, something that could survive through whatever Mother Nature could throw at it.

 What language would we use to express our message, would we use the now globally accepted language of English? Or something even more universal, like numbers, whose meanings over time and cultures stay the same. Perhaps, the language of the stars, the spinning of the earth and its precession through the zodiac constellations, which can be highly predictable and that could even specify in which epoch we lived in. 

Mainstream history books tell us that the 3 great pyramids and the sphinx were built around 4,500 years ago, to the date of 2,500 BC. Historians have told us that the Pre-dynastic Egyptians built them, a people of a primitive brain, who had no concept of math, astrology or sea navigation. We’ve been told that the great pyramids are tombs that were built for certain kings by their slaves to house the king’s dead body. A closer look at these monuments shows us things that don’t fit with what we‘ve been told.

First of all, if logic serves us correct, we know that technology must improve in a linear fashion. The great pyramids are dated back to the year of 2,500 BC. Take note that stone is very hard to date, 2,500 BC is the latest possible date for measuring their age, which means the pyramids are actually older than that. Historians say that 100 years after 2,500 BC, when the Pharonic dynasty of Egypt began. The construction of more pyramids began, which are smaller and if you were to see them today they would resemble a sand dune with a few stones thrown on top. They are very much lacking any structural stability and height that the big 3 display. If technology is supposed to improve over time then why do later made pyramids look like a pile rocks? In fact, all other pyramids in Egypt, besides the big 3, look like a pile of rocks.

Secondly, the big 3 pyramids are supposed to be tombs for the kings that built them. When the big 3 pyramids were originally opened in the late 18th century no bodies were ever found. In fact, they were totally empty, no writing on the walls or a single piece of treasure. All other pyramid structures in the area that have been dated to be built after the big 3 have had bodies in them. They were also filled with treasure and walls covered with hieroglyphs describing the life of the deceased that is buried with in them.

Thirdly, the great Sphinx, the statue of a lion’s body and the head of a man is said to have been built by the same king who built the biggest great pyramid in 2,500 BC. In that period Egypt was as it is now, a dessert. A time of very little rain fall. Yet, the Sphinx is covered with water erosion. Large vertical erosion marks cover the entire body of the sphinx. Robert Schoch, a geologist from BU has investigated these erosions and has concluded that only heavy amounts of consistent rainfall could have caused them. This was an extraordinary find when it came out and it dates the Sphinx back to at least 12,000 years ago. This is 8,000 years older then what mainstream archaeologists date it to be.

Fourthly, Egyptologists have told us that King Khufu built the sphinx because the face on the sphinx resembles his. A New York police forensic artist was asked to see how much of a match the face of the sphinx is like to Khufu’s face. His analysis determined that the face did not resemble Khufu’s but resembled the face of a dark skinned African. This African type of face is found else where in the ancient world on Olmec statue heads. A dozen of these heads have been found in Central America.  On another note it has also come to light that the Olmec’s, are the ones who originally created the Mayan calendar and originally built the Mayan ruins.

Next, underground beside the Great pyramids were found a fleet of massive sea faring ships. The ships are100-141 feet in length, and are dated to be at least 5,000 years old. Experts say they are of an advanced design, which could ride out the most powerful and worst waves of the ocean. How could primitive brained beings that had no concept of math build anything like that?

Lastly, the Sphinx and the 3 pyramids are beginning to be recognized as the terrestrial counter parts of the Leo Constellation and the 3 stars of Orion’s belt. This discovery was due to an outstanding number of advanced mathematical values that were found to be part of the pyramids shape and size. These mathematical discoveries are tied into astronomy and go well beyond the scope of this article.

In short, the mathematical values found date the pyramids and the sphinx back to the year of 10,450 BC, once again this is the latest possible date for their construction, they could be older. However, this date tells us that the builders of these monuments lived in the age of Leo, hence the shape of the sphinx. They were also followers of the God Osiris, which is another name for Orion. This date is also the time of the end of the last ice age, a natural catastrophe that caused massive amounts of worldwide flooding and rainfall.  

With all information combined we see that the builders of these monuments were of a culture and race that existed before the Egyptians, but were later inherited by them. This culture knew advanced mathematics, understood the precession of the zodiac constellations and could easily travel across oceans. It is more then possible that a race of man, which we now call the Olmec’s once lived upon this earth and was wiped off of the face of the planet due to a world wide flooding catastrophe. A race who knew something major was going to happen on earth and they chose to leave a monumental message to say who they were, when they lived and what happened to them.  

This message is a legacy and perhaps a warning to a future civilization that is advanced enough to understand it.  A message about the beginning and ending of ice ages. Modern researchers, historians and archaeologists are just now beginning to decode this message, a message that may be telling us how to better prepare for our future.

I have presented to you information from Graham Hancock’s book FINGER PRINTS OF THE GODS, in this book he covers other ancient monuments,  other civilizations, plus a crazy amount of detail. I totally recommend it for those who are really into ancient history and discovering a past that is not yet well known.

The future is uncertain, but that is why we have a past, to learn to choose our next steps wisely.

-Thank you

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Judgment Day

Among us all men were created sons of God and stood erect, 
as conscious of their divinity.
                                                                                                                      - Charles Eastman

Why would life be created to only end in some awful way? Over the past week the idea of Judgment day has been an amusing topic of discussion for my co-workers, and me because of this I’ve chosen to post my beliefs on the subject.

Many people around the world are buying large quantities of water, rice and other things to help them survive through some cataclysmic event. I think its good to be safe just incase and I don’t really know if some actual bad event will take place in the future, but I do know if it does that it will be caused by mankind himself. On the other hand the idea of Judgment day I find to be absolutely ludicrous.

Take note that what I’m about to say is my own current perspective on reality and because of what I’ve come to believe Judgment day can not occur and that the idea of it is just man made and used to put fear in others.

In my opinion, this is why Judgment day is not possible.

If I was to die and go to heaven and God wasn’t there, then I wouldn’t be in heaven. To me God is Heaven.

God is also everything, including all of physical reality, which includes my body, my family, my neighbors, my computer, the planet, the Sun. God is literally all things and all non-things. Therefore God is Reality.

Put these two ideas together and we have God=heaven=physical reality, therefore we are in heaven right now and have always been. No Judgment is possible because we are already in heaven, we have just forgotten. The story of the fall of Adam, to me, is a metaphorical story of mankind forgetting our true nature as divine beings.

On a similar note and thanks to science, the electromagnetic spectrum shows us that all of physical reality is made up of light. The concept that everything around us, including our own bodies is made up of light is a huge idea. Everything we can see is technically glowing. I ask every one who reads this to take a moment and to look around at their environment and notice the colors they see. From the computer in front of you to the trees out side, everything is made up of light.  Wouldn’t everything in heaven be made up of light too?

Some of the most positive people out there say that mankind is entering a golden age, a time where the second coming will be a massive awakening of enlightenment, I agree with them. This idea that I have put forth of reality being heaven is part of my contribution to this global awakening.

I thank you for taking the time to read this; I hope it has been interesting to you and that you take a moment today to question what you’ve read.