Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Power of the Subconscious

 “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
-Anais Nin

Since birth everyone is trained with the opinions and ideas of those who raise them, we are given knowledge to understand the world and to see it with a certain perspective.

The knowledge we are given along with the experiences that life brings us turns into and becomes our subconscious knowledge base. The subconscious is a database of information that the conscious mind uses to make sense of the physical world around us. When we look out into the world we see things through the lens of our subconscious and therefore see things not as they are, but as an interpretation of what we think they are.

 As we grow and experience life on a conscious/physical level, the subconscious absorbs and grows filling itself with those experiences forming a unique outlook on the world. Two people looking upon the same thing may interpret what they see differently according to their unique outlook.

The subconscious is also the storehouse of our beliefs, which are ideas that have been reinforced and repeated over and over again like a habit. All ideas in the subconscious mind that become reinforced with repeat experiences become beliefs and shape the world around us. These beliefs not only direct our perspective, but lead to actions and patterns of behavior that become our lives. On a non-physical level the subconscious is who we really are and attracts to us events and people that fit our beliefs. 

It is my understanding that for someone to change their lives for the better or to attract different events and people into their lives they have to change their beliefs and patterns of behavior, which all lie in the subconscious. For this to be done a new desired idea has to be adopted and accepted consciously. This new idea has to be repeated and forced to be a belief on a regular basis until it becomes a real belief. The moment when something in physical reality follows suit with this new idea that is when we know that the idea has become or started to become more solidified as a belief.

“You have to fake until you make it”- Beck

The subconscious is also the storehouse of our emotions and how we react to things and to people. When something happens that we disagree with, which makes us feel uncomfortable it is because that which has occurred externally has provoked an internal idea that we hold onto in the subconscious. The issue may seem external, but the feelings are internal and come from an older experience, good or bad. Issues or feelings about anything external are merely a recognition of a subconscious idea that is stored and brought to the surface of the conscious mind.

Consciousness and its recognition and interaction with physical reality represents 10% of your life, the subconscious and how you perceive and believe physical reality to be is the other 90% of your life. Life is full of metaphors and the image of an iceberg is a good description of this concept, consciousness being above and the subconscious below the water. The subconscious is really the one in charge, consciousness is just the tip being used by the subconscious to interact with a physical world.

The subconscious has great power over are lives, because it is our life. What ever situation we find ourselves in it is always a manifestation of our beliefs in the subconscious. When we take the time to recognize this as a truth, it can give us great power to live a happy and better life. Its recognition also gives us great responsibility by making us aware that we as individuals are in control of our lives and what we do with our time here.

I hope this has been an interesting read and if you’d like more info check out the teachings of Abraham Hicks. Thank you.

-To heal, you must believe you can.