Friday, October 11, 2013

Acupuncture For Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

After one treatment of acupuncture for Plantar Fasciitis relief is very commonly felt, although it may take more then one treatment for the pain to full go away, especially if there is an underlying chronic issue in the body. This type of heel pain is very common especially in those who run or walk a lot. It can become a very discouraging pain to athletes or to those just trying to get in better shape.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pan Soma Acupuncture

Pan Soma Acupuncture is a private acupuncture office located in downtown Manchester, NH. All treatments are held in a private one on one session with a fully licensed acupuncturist.

Pan Soma Acupuncture is a general practice that treats all ailments of the mind and body including:

Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Acid Reflux, Nausea, Vomiting
Frozen Shoulder

and more

Acupuncture is an age old therapy that is based on how the internal organs function in relation with the rest of the body.  It is a form of manipulation with the use of hair thin sterile needles that stimulate the body helping it boost its own innate healing abilities. When combined with a proper diet and lifestyle acupuncture can help over come a great variety of issues.

At Pan Soma Acupuncture the first treatment runs 80 minutes long and includes a 20 minute initial consultation with a 60 minute treatment. All following treatments are 1 hour long that start off with a short catch up consultation followed with a treatment.

All treatments are $90, although Pan Soma is offering 50% off the first treatment for new clients. Please click on the link below to watch a promotional video for Pan Soma Acupuncture.

Or please visit the Pan Soma web page where you can learn more about acupuncture, Pan Soma and its practitioner George Koromilas Lic. Ac.

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