Monday, September 19, 2011

The greatest illusion is that most people think the world exists out side of themselves, the truth is the opposite, we are the creators of the world.

The keys to manifestation
                                      (Positive thoughts are like acupuncture for the mind.)

All negative emotions can produce mental blockages that over time can accumulate into a habit of negative thought behavior, which in turn become negative physical habits and behavior leading to unwanted outcomes.

Consistent positive thinking can do the opposite. Instead of creating blockages, new pathways of thought will arise. With accumulation of consistent positive thought, positive behaviors will become habitual leading to positive outcomes.

The first step in replacing the negative with the positive is to begin to watch your thought process and to find the connections of your thoughts and the world around you.

 The thoughts you have thought of the most will be manifest in your current environment. Your interactions with others are also a manifestation of what lies within.

To argue with another means that the argument first began inside your mind, to feel depressed we must first think we are. To be happy, we must first think we are.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”- M. Ghandi

The external world is a strong illusion, which makes us think that it is in control of us. The truth is the opposite. We are the creators of our world and therefore what we think manifests in how we see the world and how we react to it.

 “What things ye so ever desire, when we pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them”. -Mark 11:24

On another note. Science has shown us that the world around us is made of light, all matter is light moving at a certain speed that gives the appearance of dense physical reality. Therefore all things are light, therefore all things are energy in motion. Therefore all things are E=Motion, or emotion. It is important to create what want with emotion, for that is what the world really is.

Science has also shown that on a sub-atomic level it is easy to change a particle of matter just by looking at it. Therefore when we simply place our attention onto something we create it.

Check out this quantum physics double slit experiment:

To change our environment we must therefore look for that change and to have faith in its change. We must first see with our inner eye and feel with our emotions the truth of the change we desire. With consistent practice and faith all true desires shall come to pass. 

A true desire is one that is all around positive in nature, life is meant for growth, therefore a true desire must be good for the betterment of not only you, but others as well.

The greater desire, the more time it will take, it is best to practice with little manifestations first. Once you begin to understand, I then recommend to dream big, for life truly is a dream, so dream BIG!

As a summary to recap, watch your thoughts, weed out and replace the negative with positive. With practice of consistent good thought, good behavior shall be made, following good behavior leads to good habits, good habits lead to good outcomes. See and feel your desires coming to pass and be a good person to the world around you, live your life peacefully bringing what you want to others and so you shall have it too.

Not much action is required to bring about that which you desire, but the necessary action will come about during your daily life. Opportunities will come about through your positive behavior. You will know when to act when the emotion to, arises with in.

Think well, be well and act well.

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