Sunday, December 11, 2011

Judgment Day

Among us all men were created sons of God and stood erect, 
as conscious of their divinity.
                                                                                                                      - Charles Eastman

Why would life be created to only end in some awful way? Over the past week the idea of Judgment day has been an amusing topic of discussion for my co-workers, and me because of this I’ve chosen to post my beliefs on the subject.

Many people around the world are buying large quantities of water, rice and other things to help them survive through some cataclysmic event. I think its good to be safe just incase and I don’t really know if some actual bad event will take place in the future, but I do know if it does that it will be caused by mankind himself. On the other hand the idea of Judgment day I find to be absolutely ludicrous.

Take note that what I’m about to say is my own current perspective on reality and because of what I’ve come to believe Judgment day can not occur and that the idea of it is just man made and used to put fear in others.

In my opinion, this is why Judgment day is not possible.

If I was to die and go to heaven and God wasn’t there, then I wouldn’t be in heaven. To me God is Heaven.

God is also everything, including all of physical reality, which includes my body, my family, my neighbors, my computer, the planet, the Sun. God is literally all things and all non-things. Therefore God is Reality.

Put these two ideas together and we have God=heaven=physical reality, therefore we are in heaven right now and have always been. No Judgment is possible because we are already in heaven, we have just forgotten. The story of the fall of Adam, to me, is a metaphorical story of mankind forgetting our true nature as divine beings.

On a similar note and thanks to science, the electromagnetic spectrum shows us that all of physical reality is made up of light. The concept that everything around us, including our own bodies is made up of light is a huge idea. Everything we can see is technically glowing. I ask every one who reads this to take a moment and to look around at their environment and notice the colors they see. From the computer in front of you to the trees out side, everything is made up of light.  Wouldn’t everything in heaven be made up of light too?

Some of the most positive people out there say that mankind is entering a golden age, a time where the second coming will be a massive awakening of enlightenment, I agree with them. This idea that I have put forth of reality being heaven is part of my contribution to this global awakening.

I thank you for taking the time to read this; I hope it has been interesting to you and that you take a moment today to question what you’ve read.


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