Thursday, December 27, 2012

Acupuncture for Arthritis

“Just as a door hinge will not rust if it is used, so the body will attain health by 

gently moving and exercising all of the limbs.”             -Hua Tuo        

TIP: Too much or no exercise can be a cause for arthritis, instead moderate exercise is best for over all health and longevity of the body.

Can acupuncture help with arthritis? Yes, it can. Acupuncture is a therapy based on how the body works and because of this it can stimulate and boost the body's own healing system. Therefore it is an excellent way to reduce pain, which is the most common complaint of arthritis suffers.

The body strives for balance and health, external influences and life in general can take a toll on the body, so it can be difficult for the body to stay in balance. Acupuncture is geared towards finding that balance, which reduces the symptoms from arthritis and other issues.

Arthritis is joint inflammation with the following symptoms:
  1. Pain
  2. Swelling
  3. Redness
  4. Stiffness (limited range of motion)
  5. One or more joints can be affected
There are multiple causes and over 100 types of arthritis, but it doesn't matter what kind of arthritis it is, acupuncture theory takes into account the symptoms and location of the arthritis. Along with general information about how the rest of the body is working to give a holistic treatment to balance the whole body.

The needles are placed locally around the affected joints and distally to stimulate the bodies natural pain relieving endorphins and hormones, which help heal and restore balance in the body by improving circulation, improving range of motion, stopping pain and reducing swelling. Once the needles puncture the skin, the brain and nervous system react right away to produce this healing affect.

Although depending on the severity and time that the arthritis has been around, it will take any where from 3-6 treatments to get some relief and for more chronic suffers it could take more to 10-15 treatments to begin making a longer lasting relief.

If you or someone you know suffers from arthritis, looking into acupuncture is a great idea, which can not only help relieve the issue, but improve other bodily functions and even reduce dependence on pain relief medication, which can cause damage to the body from prolonged use.

I hope you have found this article informative, please leave any comments or questions below, thank you and have a great day!


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