Sunday, July 28, 2013

Acupuncture Side Effects

Warning: It is best to receive acupuncture from a Licensed Acupuncturist who spent years in school studying the art of acupuncture and receiving hundreds of hours of clinical practice. There are massage therapists, physical therapists and MD's that have only received a certificate in acupuncture with only a few weekends of training or less. This inadequate amount of training time does not provide a patient with an actual acupuncture treatment and can potentially be dangerous to a patient. Inserting acupuncture needles into a persons body is a serious thing and harm can be done if there isn't enough prior training. Please be sure to ask about your acupuncturists training before you go for a treatment.

When you think of side effects, negative thoughts usually come to mind, however when it comes to acupuncture the side effects are positive and even more positive in the long run. Unlike medications that are potent chemicals that alter the bodies chemistry, acupuncture theory is based on how the body itself works. So acupuncture doesn't introduce anything new into the system, it rather stimulates what is already there, boosting the body do what it already does best, which is heal itself.

 Acupuncture is technically a manipulation of the body's own energy, a manipulation that is tailored to a certain area of the body, which stimulates the energy causing it to be stronger then without it being stimulated. Other therapies like massage are similar, except that acupuncture can literally get right to the point and have a deeper affect.

When it comes to the negative side effects of acupuncture one has to understand that this energy manipulation is made to find balance, due to this, things can be stirred up. Possibly causing the main issue at hand to be aggravated, temporarily, until it can become better. Acupuncture can make the body kick things out of itself faster then it would on its own. Things like more fatigue can be experienced, even coughing and more mucus production, but in the long run these negative side effects just don't last.  Also, the occasional bruise may occur from the needling, which is rare but does happen sometimes.

As for the positive side effects of acupuncture, which is the total opposite of the pharmaceutical commercials on tv, they can be pleasantly surprising. When balance starts to occur, which is different for everyone and comes at different times for everyone. The effects of regular acupuncture treatments are better quality of life concerning the reason why you went to try acupuncture in the first place. Also, what usually occurs is :
  1. Improved Sleep Quality
  2. Better Energy Levels
  3. Stronger Digestive System
  4. Stronger Immune System
  5. Easier to Handle Stress

Although, one of the most oddest positive side effects of acupuncture is a heightened level awareness of your own body and well being. Having regular acupuncture treatments makes you notice things that you may not have noticed before.  A some what deeper connection that gives you more insight into how your body reacts to foods, the environment, activities and life in general.

So before reaching for that pharmaceutical drug, give acupuncture a try, its side effects are more pleasant.

 I hope this article has been helpful, please leave any comments or questions and continue coming to Acuthink for more info on acupuncture!


  1. Acupuncture can make the body kick things out of itself faster then it would on its own. Things like more fatigue can be experienced, even coughing and more mucus production, but in the long run these negative side effects just don't last.
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  2. Acupuncture is recognized as having certain physiologic effects that can contribute to pain relief, but no plausible mechanism has been identified that could lead to long-term benefits for chronic pain, with the result that the treatment remains "highly controversial," according to the researchers.
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