Thursday, October 25, 2012

Acupuncture For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Point Location: This point is found at the wrist crease of either hand and is typically located between the two tendons. About 20% of the population only has one of these tendons; if this were the case the point would be located on the side of the tendon closer to the 5th finger.

 Carpal Tunnel is usually caused by inflammation or thickening of tissue in the area of the carpal tunnel, which then pressure is placed over the median nerve. The median nerve runs up the hand in between the two tendons. 

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel:
  1.   Numbness in hands and first 3 fingers
  2.   Tingling in the hand and the first 3 fingers
  3.   A weak grip

Although the issue can usually be dealt with by placing needles locally into the wrist and hand area, the lower neck and upper back spinal vertebra are also intimately connected to the hand wrist area. If the spinal nerves are compressed due to injury or inflammation it could cause carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms in the hand.

One of the main points in acupuncture for carpal tunnel is Pericardium 7, this point has been the subject of many carpal tunnel research studies and there has been great success in its use. It is usually combined with a number of other points in the area and along the rest of the body to decrease inflammation, reduce pain and increase circulation to the area.

In general acupuncture has been shown to cause lasting relief of carpal tunnel syndrome. The number of needed treatments mainly depends on the severity, how long the issue has been around and the patient’s occupation. With all factors considered an acupuncturist could give a rough estimate to how many treatments will be needed.

Acupuncture can do wonders, but the treatments themselves do build up over time. With carpal tunnel syndrome seeing your acupuncturist a couple times a week for up to 6 weeks should be sufficient to cause lasting relief, with a couple tune ups through out the year.

Besides acupuncture surgery and cortisone shots have been shown to work, but are more invasive and harmful to the body in general. Acupuncture is a holistic solution that not only can improve all bodily functions, but is also more cost effective.

If you or any one you know suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, please reach out to your local acupuncturist. 

 I hope this has been and informative article, please leave any questions or comments below and thank you for visiting Acuthink.


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