Thursday, December 13, 2012

Acupuncture and the Immune System

Tip 1: Hot soup and tea are very easily digestible by the stomach, which can help improve digestion and in-turn improve immune function to battle fevers and colds. That's why moms chicken soup always did the trick!

Acupuncture's ability to manipulate and boost the immune system is a positive side effect that is a result by most everyday acupuncture treatments that are given. It is difficult not to involve the immune system in an acupuncture treatment because the immune system is the bodies defense mechanism and acupuncture is practiced to create balance in the body, which by default will strengthen the immune system.

Although, acupuncture treatments are tailored to each individual, they can also be tailored to specifically boost the immune system. To boost the immune system with acupuncture, you have to target the organs and their corresponding meridians that have the most to do with bodies self defense system.

There are two organs that would mostly be targeted for an immune system boost, they are the Spleen and Lungs. Together they create a protective barrier around the body, one controls the inside, the other controls the outside. If the inside is weak, the outside defense will in-turn be weak as well.

In Chinese medicine the Spleen controls the inside and allows the rest of the body to function properly, it is also what allows the stomach to digest food properly. Due to this, food has a tremendous effect on the bodies functioning, so a proper diet is extremely important in keeping the immune system strong.

Next it's the Lungs who are in control of the outer defense mechanism, they control the skin and opening and closing of the pores. If the spleen and the digestive system are strong then that should allow for the lungs to be strong and keep out external pathogens.

Tip: If you feel a cold coming on, while sleeping at night you can cover yourself up well enough to make you break a sweat while sleeping. This will allow the skins pores to open and release the pathogen, allowing the body to more quickly over come the cold and its symptoms.

Stimulation of the meridians that comes from these organs, can cause a boost in digestion as well as a boost in immune system cells that can help fight off infections. Acupuncture uses precise points along the body surface to stimulate the internal organs to strengthen and balance them, along with heat therapy that can add extra warmth and energy to the body.

The winter time is a great time to go get an acupuncture treatment and boost your immune system also an immune system boost is great when the seasons are about to change. Four times a year the the Earth goes through changes that directly affect our immune systems, so keep that in mind and have a great day!


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