Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Introduction into recognizing the EGO and learning to let it go

 We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”
-       Anais Nin

The ultimate truth is that we are beings of pure love, joy, abundance and energy. We create our own lives through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. The illusion is that we are not this, but the opposite. To understand this illusion, we must understand what the ego is and how it affects our consciousness. Imagine yourself as a mirror, that when clean the truth is like the Suns reflection lighting up your whole world in a million and one ways. The ego is a dirty mirror full of grimy false ideas, opinions and beliefs about the world that drive our actions, habits and reactions. Some of these ideas have been there since child hood and are so raw and gunky that we can not see past them.

It is our perspective, our consciousness that needs to be washed in order for long lasting deep change to occur. If life is hard for you and you get angry a lot then the ego has gotten hold of you and your mirror is very dirty. Seeing reality for what it really is, is virtually impossible.  In order to wash the mirror conscious effort has to be taken daily to help recognize the limits of the ego. Recognizing what the ego is, is a good first step.

What the Ego is:
  • ·      A survival mechanism gone out of hand
  • ·      The shadow of your true self
  • ·      Fear
  • ·      Worry
  • ·      Anger
  • ·      Depression
  • ·      Sadness
  • ·      Anxiety
  • ·      Over thinking
  • ·      Putting others down
  • ·      Holding on to the past
  • ·      Living in the future
  • ·      A negative voice in your head
  • ·      Attachment to all things including ideas you think are real
  • ·      False beliefs, ideas, habits and negative reactions
  • ·      The need to be right
  • ·      Competitive nature
  • ·      Not being able to enjoy time alone
  • ·      Waiting to respond and not listening to others

3 ways to help over come and cleanse the consciousness from the Ego:

1.     Meditate-Regular and consistent spiritual practices like meditation can quiet the mind enough for you to recognize how attached you are to your thoughts. Recognizing a difference between you and your thoughts is a good way to see that you are more then them, which helps you let go of the ones that feel bad. Doing so helps you see the domino effect from your thoughts and beliefs to your reactions, actions and over all habits. Life starts from the inside, if you want to change the world around you start with acknowledging what you think off and then choose to consciously think better.

2.     Make a list, then ask for help- Make a list of all ego behaviors like anger, jealousy, hate etc. that you would like to let go off. Then in meditation or before sleep ask your higher power to clean those negative traits from your consciousness and then be thankful for them being cleansed. Repetition of this is necessary, cleansing the consciousness takes time, patience, belief and expectation that change is happening.

3.     Befriending the Ego- The Ego thinks its helping you always, by trying to make you right, make you feel better and by putting others down. It can cause a number off emotions to take over and start fights with others. If you can recognize when the ego steps in to help you out in such ways. Take a breather, step back from yourself or literally from the situation and give your ego some appreciation for its trying to help you out. Then take an extra moment and ask your higher power how to handle the current situation and give thanks that the solution will come.

What you are is a mind set, your body, your life are all extensions of your mind. Just as you are an extension of your higher power. It takes time to clear mental clutter so Re-member “cleanliness is next to godliness”.

Written by: George Koromilas


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