Monday, October 31, 2011

Better health through the power of thought

"I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance, but by our disposition." 
- Martha Washington

Thoughts become Things”- Mike Dooley

We are beings of vibration and that vibration determines our lives, the vibration comes from within, but the outside world can easily affect it and change it for better or for worse. A high vibration equals better mental and physical well-being and a low vibration equals unhappiness and poorer health.

In order to understand this vibration, we must come to grips with the universal truth of the power of thought, the guidance of feelings and their physical manifestations. We must realize that all physical things were once a non-physical idea that with time, intent and focus became physical. Just as an object has a shadow, that object is the shadow of an idea. A non-physical idea in turn grows with nourishment until it blossoms into an actual physical thing.

In regards to this idea, one can say that all physical life came from an idea, a non-physical plane of existence. As C.S. Lewis once said “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”   The soul can be seen as the idea, which came into physical being, but since the non-physical isn’t physical it is hard to remember that we are truly beyond our physical selves. An idea is a thought, that when focused upon shall be given its place unto the physical world. Therefore when we think, we must be watchful and focus only on those things that we truly wish to see come about.  Abraham Hicks says that each moment of our lives is a constant manifestation of how we feel and think, it’s a reflection of our vibration.

Therefore we are our truly creating our world with our thoughts, our feelings are how we monitor those thoughts and the world around us is the result of those thoughts. Thinking this way tells us that it is imperative to monitor our thoughts at all times and to replace negative unhappy thoughts, with the opposite. This task of daily watching is perhaps the greatest obstacle in ones way to creating a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Daily reminders are extremely useful in helping one to remain on track of their thoughts and feelings. I can say it is imperative to remind yourself daily of the truth and power of your being, which is that “thoughts become things” – Mike Dooley. Past and repetitive thoughts and feelings created the things that surround you now.

Every day through television, radio or by other people we our bombarded with information about things that distract us from our true being, from being consistently happy.

Every time I listen to Abraham Hicks, read something by Mike Dooley or someone in that field of medicine I feel even better then I did before, even if I already felt great. This has brought to my attention that to consistently feel good and in harmony with the universe you must remind yourself daily of those good things.

In general it becomes difficult to live our daily lives if we don’t remind our selves of the universal truths that exist. Even if we think we are doing all right and feeling good, its always nice and helpful to get a little daily taste of those things that remind us of our true nature. Thinking positive and feeling good consistently are possible, but need practice and the higher we can raise our vibrations the better. The higher vibe we have, the higher vibe we put out and for it we get better health, better relationships and better manifestations.

Some people like to say that laughter is the best medicine and this is exactly why it is, because it raises your vibration, it is a very high form of manifestation of good feelings and positive thinking. There really is only one way to think and that is to think positive and there really is only one way to feel and that is to feel good.

So always remember that you are more then what you’re physical senses tell you, know that what you think and are thinking brought you to where are you. Give yourself a daily reminder of something positive, know that what brought you here is love and follow your heart as much as you can. If you desire change in your life, start with your thoughts and be as consistent with them as you can. Remember to remind yourself of something positive everyday and then one day you will notice that life is beautiful and you have made it so.

Be your truth.

Happy Halloween.

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