Monday, November 7, 2011

Secret Architecture

 Most temples, churches or holy buildings across the world are considered a house of God. Why is it called the house God, because it is a house of worship? Or does there lay a deeper truth to the architecture of these buildings that gives a more profound meaning to the house of God? Most churches have similar aspects of architecture that make them unique to their own religion and although different from religion to religion similarities can be found across the world.

The ancient masons who originally constructed these buildings were very knowledgeable and fond of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the ancient study of the earth, which shows beautiful mathematical patterns found through out all of nature and these same patterns are part of mans own DNA.

In Egypt, in the ancient temple of the god Osiris lay a marking called the sacred flower of life, it is an image of a circle surrounded and intertwined with other circles. It is a very ancient symbol found across the globe and depicted in different, but similar forms. It is known as a symbol of mans connection to the universe. It is also a symbol that depicts the act of mitosis, cell division. Cells undergo mitosis in the formation of our own human bodies, so in other words it is a symbol of our creation. Mitosis begins with one cell or circle, which divides itself into multiple cells becoming the unique and intricate design of the human body. This flower of life image has been the blueprint for the houses of God for millennia. Almost every house of God shows this symbol in its architecture in one form or another.

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This symbol can be found in temple windows, floor designs or even in the actual shape of the temple itself. Just as most Greek Orthodox churches have their circular dome shaped roofs that over lap each other, which depict the sacred flower of life from above or from inside looking up. Other churches you’ll see have small windows divided into four sections each section holding a circle, or you’ll see numerous windows all with their own circle covering most of the building. These circles are the first cells of creation itself. In other churches you’ll see great big windows with beautiful intricate designs, also depicting the flower of life. If you notice each church shows their own unique version of the flower, just like every human has their own unique thumb print.

This design can be found in nearly all holy buildings and just like mitosis, the design itself starts out visibly as circles, but grows more complex and creates the rest of the building. Just the like our own bodies. We do not see the flower design when we look into the mirror, but science has shown us that this is one of the earliest steps that our bodies take in our mother’s womb. As the cells continually divide and grow to trillions of cells our bodies become like beautiful unique temples.

The ancient builders used this symbol to construct houses of God because it is a blueprint for mans own creation. The body of man is the original temple of God, it is the house of the truth. The ancients new this and therefore chose to reflect mans grace into the holiest constructions on the planet. This is where things like prayer, meditation and visualization come into play. This is the best place to look for guidance and answers; it is the truest form of communion with our higher selves or God.

This is one reason why holy buildings are called the house of God, because it is a reflection of the greatest creation ever, the human body. There is no need to ever go anywhere to be with, commune or worship a higher power. Jesus knew this and spoke it when he said “the kingdom of heaven is within you”.  All you have to do is recognize.

I hope this has been an interesting read for you, please let me know of any comments or questions. Thank you and have a nice day. J

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