Monday, July 2, 2012

Improve Eyesight Naturally

"The liver acupuncture meridian passes through and thereby influences the tissues surrounding the eyes, the eyes are directly affected by the liver in many ways"

In his book Take Off Your Glasses And See author Jacob Liberman, an optometrist, takes a revolutionary new look at keeping eyes healthy with out glasses.

The book goes to say that wearing a pair of glasses all day every day is like wearing crutches all day every day. For optimal health eyes need to be able to move in all directions with ease. Wearing glasses keeps the eyes focused through one specific focal point, which inhibits them from getting better and causes atrophy over time. This is a big reason as to why peoples glasses get thicker as they age.

In other words wearing glasses long term is worse for your eyes, it is better to use them only when necessary, like for driving at night.  The book goes on to talk about acupressure points around the eyes that when stimulated daily will improve eyesight over time.  There are at least 5 specific acupressure points around each eye, 3 in the eyebrow, one on the temple and another in a depression under the eye.  To stimulate them, you don’t need to know exactly where they are. Just rubbing the areas around the eyes for a few minutes every day or every other day will improve eyesight. If you do this and feel any tender areas, then you have found a blockage and this is a great area to massage daily until it goes away. Doing this will improve your eyesight.

In Chinese medicine the eyes are also directly connected to the liver, the liver works very hard to keep the body healthy.  Its job is to remove toxins from the blood and improve blood circulation. So the health of the eyes really depends on the health of the liver, granted the older one gets the harder it is to keep the body in perfect working condition. Although keeping a decent healthy diet and a little exercise can go a long way to keeping the liver and eyes healthy. Too much alchohol, like any toxin is bad for the liver, it reduces the livers ability to clean out the blood and improve circulation.  Alcohol taken in moderation is the best way to go, but if over done too much alcohol will diminish eyesight over time.

Good blood circulation is also more of a factor for good eye sight then most people realize. When we are more awake, our circulation is better and faster, which allows us to see better. In the morning or at night we are more tired and there fore our eyesight diminishes. That is why wearing glasses at night while driving is a good time to wear them. Although, a little weekly exercise can do wonders for circulation and eye sight.

Over all, wearing glasses when not necessary can do more harm on your eyes, it is better to wear them when necessary. To improve eyesight massaging the outside of the eyes, a good diet and a little exercise can really do wonders. For more tips, I suggest reading the book Take Off Your Glasses And See, which can be found in the book section of this blog.

I hope this has been a useful and interesting read, please leave any comments or questions, and I hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you!


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