Monday, August 20, 2012

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an age-old therapy that not to long ago was a common global family practice. The elders of the family were usually the ones to perform the cupping on another to alleviate them of their issues.  Cupping was done with regular small drinking glasses and a small flame would quickly be placed into and taken out of the cup creating a vacuum in the cup. This vacuum effect would allow the cup to suction onto the surface of the body, which produces a variety of healing affects.

Today cupping is mostly done with glass cups that attach to a suction pump and the amount of suction can be more easily controlled allowing a cupping massage to much relaxing then it used to be. Cupping can be done over most parts of the body, but is usually done over the long surface of the back. Cupping therapy done on the back has the ability to stimulate the spinal cord, it's nerves and the internal organs, which has a healing effect over the entire body.

Cupping therapy can mimic the feeling of a deep tissue massage, but has deeper benefits that include:

      ·      Detoxifying the body
·      Helps get rid of cellulite
·      Help reduce fresh stretch marks and scars
·      Releasing knots
·      Improving Circulation
·      Lymphatic Drainage
·      Help Alleviate acute and chronic injuries
·      Boosts the body’s innate healing ability
·      Helps quickly get over colds and flu
·      Helps the body kick phlegm out of the lungs, which is good for smoking cessation
·      Helps relieve back pain
·      Reduces stress and promotes relaxation

Cupping is done in two ways, which are usually combined depending on the desired therapeutic result. The cups are either placed over specific areas of the body and kept there for a limited amount of time or the cups are glided across the back with the help of a lubricant. Either way blood is brought to the surface making the skin red or purple, which is a normal therapeutic result that happens to look like bruising. Although, they are NOT bruises, they do not hurt and usually go away within one to seven days.

Cupping alone or combined with acupuncture can be an extremely relaxing therapeutic experience that can have lasting effects. If you’re looking for an alternative therapy and don’t feel comfortable with needles, ask your local acupuncturist about cupping and what it can do for you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s article and go get yourself a relaxing cupping treatment, you’ll be happy you did. Please leave any comments or questions below and Thank you for visiting Acuthink!


  1. I've heard that the cupping therapy is perfect for athletes. I wonder if it would help my brother at all and help him so that he is not so sore all the time. Would you know of a clinic that offers the cupping therapy near Kansas City, KS?

  2. I get the strained shoulder/scapula muscle pains. I am just curious if this is a strategy that could alleviate my pain? How do I even search out cupping therapy.


  3. Hi Bryan, most private practitioners should incorporate cupping into their acupuncture practice. You could always google acupuncturists in your area, and check out their websites, they should say if they do it.

  4. Hi Katy,

    I do not now any one personally in the Kansas City area, but I would google the area and see who you could find there and look for any reviews and check out websites to see if they do cupping.