Sunday, February 17, 2013

Acupuncture for Hyperactive and Attention Deficit Disorder in Children

Attention Deficit Disorder is a growing concern among parents, not only are parents not sure what they can do about it, but they have a growing awareness of the dangers of medications. Medications are chemicals that are made to alter body chemistry and can cause other physical ailments that can lead to more and more medications. Acupuncture and acupressure are wonderful alternatives to mainstream medicine. They can even be good to reduce the amount of medications a child might already be on.

In the book Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children authors Julian Scott and Teresa Barlow outline 4 different categories of Hyperactivity and ADD using Chinese Medical theory, their pathologies are as follows:

  1. Heat:  Very active, restless. talkative, may destroy things, insomnia, red lips.
  2. Heat with Phlegm: Irritability, restlessness, shouts, tantrums, insomnia, violent, trouble concentrating.
  3. Middle Burner Weakness: Gray or pale face, resentful eyes, poor appetite, manipulative, poor sleep, has great thirst, may be cruel to others.
  4. Kidney qi deficiency: thin, tall, pale face, frail body, often ill, hyperactive at the end of the day when tired and scarred of needles.

When it comes to acupuncture only the first three types can be treated with needles, never are many needles used on children, but only the most effective points for each pathology.  When it comes to the 3rd and 4th pathology massage and moxa are used. Moxa is a type of heat therapy that can be very soothing and is able to boost the body's energy that can improve appetite and sleep.

 Since Children with Kidney qi deficiency are really sensitive when it comes to needles, moxa is perfect for them, its not only relaxing, but it can ground their energy and strengthen their immune system. For the first two pathologies that have heat in them acupuncture can be really beneficial for releasing that heat, which over time can calm them down.

For these pathologies a minimum of 10 treatments would be needed to make change with an additional 5- 10 treatments depending on the severity of the case.  Acupuncture and moxa therapy are great ways to improve a childs well being and making their home life easier.

I hope this has been an informative article for you and if you or anyone you know who has a child who is hyperactive or has Attention Deficit Disorder please look into acupuncture for its alternative benefits.