Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Acupuncture for Anemia

Anemia in both western and eastern medicine is a blood disorder, which millions of people around the world suffer from. It is a condition where the body makes an insufficient or unhealthy amount of red blood cells, leaving the body weak and having multiple symptoms arising from it.

Symptoms and Signs include:
  1. Fatigue
  2. Light Headedness
  3. Blurred Vision
  4. Trouble Breathing
  5. Palpitations
  6. Dizziness
  7. Cold Limbs
  8. Pale Lips and Tongue
  9. Dry Skin
  10. Poor Appetite

Anemia in a western sense can come from a number of causes including poor mineral and vitamin intake, excessive bleeding from an injury, disease or heavy periods as well as genetic disorders. Certain medications if taken in excess can also cause internal bleeding that can lead to anemia. Pregnancy is another cause, which can go away after childbirth and is considered normal.

In chinese medicine Anemia is considered a deficiency that can come from a number of internal imbalances that have to do with the internal organs that help control and create blood.

Those organs being:
  1. Heart- Helps manufacture and control blood circulation
  2. Spleen-Helps manufacture blood through the break down of food
  3. Liver- Stores, cleanses and helps transport blood through out the body
  4. Kidneys- Have a strong influence over the menstrual cycle and pregnancy
A deficiency or a combination of deficiencies can arise from one or more of these internal organs, causing a cascade of symptoms to occur. An acupuncturist can decipher where the root of the imbalance is taken place by attributing symptoms to their corresponding organs. 

Here is an example:
  1. Poor appetite = Spleen
  2. Frequent Urination = Kidneys
  3. Palpitations = Heart
  4. Poor Vision = Liver
Every organ controls certain bodily functions and they are all internally connected to each other, when an imbalance occurs it can be traced back to its corresponding organ. These organ systems have internal and external branches(meridians) that intimately connect the whole body. An acupuncturist manipulates and stimulates the external meridians of the organs in order to help them create balance in the system internally. 

If anemia was caused by both an imbalance in the Liver and Spleen organs it would mean points on those organ meridians would have to be stimulated to help those organs function better. Stimulating those meridians would improve blood circulation throughout, improve food breakdown, better nutrient assimilation in the body, improve appetite and vision while helping resolve anemia.

If you or anyone you know suffers from anemia acupuncture from a fully licensed acupuncturist can locate the root of the imbalance and help the body recover from anemia.

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