Monday, September 10, 2012

Acupuncture and Mother Nature for Cold and Flu Season

September is upon us and the transition into autumn is happening, we can feel it in the air, see it in the leaves and for some of us feel it in our noses.  This time of year is a perfect time to look into natural ways to boost the immune system. Both Mother Nature and Acupuncture can be used to greatly boost the immune system and resolve cold and flu symptoms, along with reducing the risk of catching one.

 In Chinese medicine the fall season is also the season of metal, metal corresponds to the lung and large intestine organs. Metal can also be considered the body’s defense mechanism, the skin, which is controlled by the lungs. A good healthy set of lungs gives us strong metal to protect us against the cold weather and fight colds and flu’s. The fall is the time where we are given the chance to strengthen our metal and get ready for the winter.

Besides breathing and moving bowels the metal organs have other functions,  which include:

Regulates all physiologic functions
Control the skin and it pores
Manifests in body hair
Opens into the nose
Controls nasal mucus
Descends qi and body fluids
Gives oxygen to blood
Is part of the immune system
Affected by worry, sadness and grief
Allows for mental and physical inspiration

Large Intestine:
Moves digested food down
Excretes stools out of the body
Is part of the immune system
Helps our minds let go of the past

As we transition into the colder months, we have to prepare our body’s to make the change with ease. Fortunately, we have help from Mother Nature during this time of year with apple season being upon us. Apples have high amounts of anti oxidants, vitamin C, and a special fiber called pectin. The pectin is a great fiber that helps bowel movements leave the body smoothly and the anti oxidants and vitamin C contribute to the health of our lungs.

NOTE: Organic apples are the only way to get the true health benefits out of them, any GMO apples are full of pesticides and therefore may lower our immune system. For more information on this and other GMO foods Google the “dirty dozen foods”.

Another way to boost the health of the body is through the use of acupuncture; acupuncturists have many tools under their belts. One especially useful tool for transitioning into the different seasons is Moxabustion or Moxa for short. Moxa is a compressed herb that is usually used as a form of heat therapy, it adds energy to the body;  invigorating blood circulation through out the body.

Getting moxa added to an acupuncture treatment and eating organic apples is a sure fire way to keep the immune system boosted while going through the transition of the fall and winter seasons.

TIP: Slice up an apple and lightly saute it with some honey, another great immune booster. The combination will not only taste great, but will boost the lungs, large intestine and the immune system as a whole.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s article, please go ahead and connect to a nearby acupuncturist to improve your health and tell them that I sent you. Please leave any comments or questions and have a great day! Thank you!

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