Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gall Bladder Disease

WAIT! Don’t get that surgery done just yet! Learn what you’re doctor may not know to tell you!

The most common cause of gall bladder disease is from a poor diet. If you want to avoid surgery, change your diet for the better. NO more greasy foods, or at least cut it down BIG time. That doesn’t just mean greasy fried foods, it means dairy too, too much dairy consumption can really weaken your system. Your doctor may tell you that after surgery you can eat whatever you want, but that is absolutely FALSE! Western doctors typically don't get trained on how foods affect the system, so they may not know to tell you what will harm you.

The gallbladder produces bile, which helps break down the fat in whatever you eat. With out a gall bladder your whole system is weaker, a poor diet got you sick in the first place, its going to eventually make you sick again and then you’ll have to get another surgery or take some sort of medication for the rest of your life.

According to the website 500,000 gallbladder surgeries are performed each year. A good amount of them are people who are overweight from poor diet choices. There are too many greasy and heavy processed foods out there that are easy to reach for, but going out of your way to find food that is good for you can save you lots and lots of trouble in the future.

Remember when it comes to food:
Moderation is Key

If you’re going to indulge in something greasy, do it occasionally, and consider that the food you eat turns into the building blocks for everything that makes up your body. The worse you eat, over a long period of time, the worse your body will feel.

With out a gallbladder your other organs especially the liver will have to work harder to keep you going. Eating healthy for the most part is the only way to go and taking the time to educate your-self about healthy eating can go a very, very long way!

A good diet is key to a great life, natures food is the best medicine, it can keep you younger looking, and allow you to have more energy with less physical problems. Mother natures food is packed with super vitamins and minerals that keep the body strong and the mind happy.

If you do have the gall bladder removed just remember that you’ll have to go the extra mile and eat food that is made for the human body to digest with ease. If you know you’re having gallbladder issues and want to go the alternative route, then consider acupuncture. Acupuncturists are trained to strengthen the gallbladder along with the body’s entire digestive system and they are also able to provide consultation on diet.

Remember everything in the body has a purpose, your organs are a part of you and they work to keep you healthy. Its not that hard to eat healthy enough to keep them happy as well. 

I hope this has been an interesting read for you, please leave any comments or questions and have a wonderful day! Thank you.

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