Monday, November 21, 2011

Nature Therapy

                                                                        Walking is man's best medicine.

Nature Therapy or Green Therapy is a growing acknowledgement that man needs nature for his or her own good.  In today’s society a great majority of people live and work in cities where they are surrounded by cement and aren’t really able to enjoy the planet they live on. Earth and mankind have grown together forever, but with the rise of the industrial world there has been an ever-growing divide of man and nature.

Today, many people who are employed by the daily 9-5 schedule really don’t have the time to go out and enjoy nature or do something that will help them unwind naturally. Leaving the human brain in a state of frequency that is in a constant state of work, with very little down time before bed.  For most of those people driving to and from work maybe the only time of day that they really have time to relax and tune out of their hustle and bustle life styles.  It doesn’t sound right or safe to know that millions of drivers over the entire world are tuning out while driving, but it’s exactly what happens to us. Driving just happens to be one of those activities that become second nature to us; we can automatically let go, letting our bodies and subconscious do the work.

Besides not having the time, there is also an ever-growing increase in the awareness of side effects from medications, which are being prescribed for mental and physical issues like depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. More and more people are starting to seek out more natural alternative routes to improve their health. Going for walks in nature is probably the most natural way to combat stress and every day worries that can amount to very negative consequences.

There are many similarities that can be made between mankind and mother earth, but one of the most concrete scientific connections is that of frequency. Frequency is the rate of vibration that a body rotates at. All living things vibrate at a certain frequency or multiple frequencies.  It has been scientifically proven that the human brain vibrates in at least four different levels of frequency and those same levels are found within and around the planet.

During our normal waking state when working or having a conversation the brain is in a vibratory state considered to be fast, it’s called the Beta Frequency and rotates at a speed of 12-25 hertz per second.  During a typical day dreaming state, light meditation or feeling relaxed the brain vibrates at a lower frequency called Alpha, this state of awareness rotates at between 7 and 12 hertz per second.

This Alpha state is also the vibration of the surface of the earth. Nature is beautiful and inspiring with all its colors and animal life, but the frequency that it vibrates at, is the reason why being out in nature is so good for us. It takes us out of our day-to-day working state and relaxes us.

Walking in nature can help improve symptoms of depression, regulate blood pressure, reduce stress, increase creativity, promote self-awareness and healing.
Sunlight and fresh air are also big bonuses that nature provides that improve health, but those are for another story. So for now try to make sometime to go for a walk in nature before the heavy snow starts to fall, go for a walk or a brisk hike at a local park reservation, your brain will appreciate it.

For more information on the planets frequency and your brain, go to Google and search for the Schumann Resonance and brain waves.

I hope this has been an interesting read and if you have any comments or questions please let me know! Thank you J

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