Monday, November 14, 2011

The New Medicine

You are the creator of your own life experience, and as the creator of your experience, it is important to understand that it is not by virtue of your action, not by virtue of your doing, it is not even by virtue of what you are saying that you are creating. You are creating by virtue of the thought that you are offering.

I like to emphasize the power of thought and feelings, not just because of their power to create reality, but because positive thinking and positive feelings are the future of medicine.

Over the past few years and along with the New Age movement that is growing throughout the world there has been an ever-increasing acknowledgment of thoughts and feelings being the hidden power within man.  There are more and more authors coming out with multiple books that talk about how to control this internal power.  Among them are Mike Dooley, Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle and many others. They not only talk about how to harness this power, but also that this is not a new idea, that the Buddha, Jesus and other well known historical figures were trying to convey this message as well.

The great teachers of the past strived to pass this message along, but the mass of the people were not ready to hear such a message and that is why the world is in the condition it is today. We have pollution in our air, water and food. Wherever we look we are bombarded with propaganda made to alter our thinking to make us buy something we don’t need. Fortunately, a few that heard the message of the great masters where able to pass it on through out the centuries until the idea was ready to be heard by the masses.

There are great changes taking place on Earth today forcing people to question what’s going on and further more to question reality and the purpose of human life. The message of our innate ability to think and feel being actual power over physical reality is now more then ready to be heard.

With the realization of this innate power miracles can occur, life changes can be made and obstacles over come. Similar to some holistic therapies like acupuncture, this power is best used as a preventative measure to create a healthy flow of energy in your life preventing the appearance of anything negative.

The power lies in being able to control emotions and the thoughts that arise from them and vice versa. The trick is realizing that the external world has no true affect over you, no matter what may happen you have the power to control how you feel and think.  When someone begins the day feeling happy and good, they will mostly likely go on to have a very good day and probably make everyone they interact with happy as well.  If someone wakes up grumpy and doesn’t make a conscious effort to make themselves feel better they will have a negative affect upon all their actions and interactions.

One benefit of controlling your thoughts and feelings for the better allows one to be more open to what happens in life. More opportunities in every facet of life can be seen and taken advantage of, which can lead to sometimes amazing coincidences and the fulfillment of desires.

Another benefit is regarding health and well being, feeling good for no reason is an excellent way to prevent negative stress from affecting you. Feeling good on purpose to just feel good can over come all negative emotions including worry, anger, sadness and fear. All negative emotions over time can turn into a chronic physical issue that will just get worse if the underlying feelings aren’t taking into account. Even if someone already has a physical issue affecting him or her, worrying about it will do absolutely nothing to make the situation better. Putting on a good attitude can do wonders for all health issues and I believe in the near future the control of thoughts and feelings will be a necessary addition to the world of medicine.

I hope this has been an interesting read and if you have any comments or questions please let me know!

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