Saturday, August 11, 2012

Acupuncture for Headaches

Did you know that there are at least 18 different types of headaches in Chinese medical theory, coming from at least 8 different causes? The causes can range from childbirth to stress.  Acupuncture can trace the cause of the headache to its internal roots where it can remove blockages allowing free flow energy to take place.

Taking a pill for relief can only mask headaches and they will most likely come back because it is usually due to an internal issue? Depending on what part of the head the ache is in, its quality and related symptoms an acupuncturist can trace it back to an imbalance or blockage in an organ system. The headache is a symptom of that internal imbalance and the body is trying to tell you that with the headache.

The head is an extension of all the internal organs, but for the most part headaches can be linked to the Spleen, Stomach, Liver and Gallbladder.  With proper diagnosis an acupuncturist can find the right points on the body that can be manipulated to create internal balance in those organs.

The forehead is basically an extension of the Spleen and Stomach, a place of digestion, you may get headaches in this area because of what you ate or drank, or didn’t eat or drink.  You may notice that when you get hungry or thirsty a headache comes on, and the same goes for eating and drinking too much. The forehead ache is your body telling you something is up with your belly. However, if the headaches are chronic, it may be more then a diet issue, which an acupuncturist can help with by removing blockages and strengthening the Spleen and Stomach pathways.

The sides, top and back of your head can all be traced back to the liver and gallbladder; this is because the liver has many functions in the body. One of its major functions is storing and cleaning the blood. If the headache is on the sides of the head it has to do more with blood, which actually also has to do with diet. Good quality blood comes from good quality food.  Eating a healthy breakfast is one key to getting rid of the temple or behind the eye headaches. If that doesn’t help an acupuncturist can open up any blockages creating a free flow of energy.

The liver also has a major emotional aspect to it, it is believed to be the home of our soul or the part of our souls that have to do with seeing our purpose in life coming true. The gallbladder is in charge of making decisions for those purposes; because of this the liver and gallbladder are connected to the emotion of anger and frustration.

If the ache is at the top or the back of the head, it has more to do with anger, frustration, stress and tension. Have you ever met some one that didn’t follow their dreams? Or happened to lead a very stressful life?  They are prone to anger, stress and depression, because of this their headaches will either rise up the back of their neck and cause a tension headache or go straight to the top of the head causing a  major head throbbing. An acupuncturist can help bring down that rising energy and release tension in the area with specific acupuncture points.

Acupuncture helps by removing blockages on a physical level that can create balance both physically and emotionally. When to much energy rises to the head, or a blockage occurs resulting in pain in the head, acupuncture can bring down the energy and or open blockages allowing a free flow energy to take place.

If you or some one you know suffers from headaches I would recommend trying acupuncture for a change, it is side effect free and usually quite relaxing. I hope you have enjoyed this article, please leave and any comments or questions and have a wonderful day!


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