Monday, August 27, 2012

Acupuncture for Insomnia

Sleeping Tip:
            “the best sleeping position is lying on the right side, with legs slightly bent, the right arm bent and resting in front of the pillow and the left arm resting on the left thigh.”
  -Giovanni Maciocia

The reason for the above position to be the best is because a good nights rest depends on the ability of the organs to function at their optimal capability, especially the heart, liver and stomach. In this position the heart can pump blood through out the system more properly, the liver can collect the blood and root the spirit, and it’s easier for the stomach to keep food down.

 In Chinese theory there are many factors to what can cause poor sleep, a correct diagnosis is key, here are a few questions that can help determine the cause of insomnia for an acupuncturist.

1.     Do you have difficulty falling asleep?
2.     Do you fall asleep easily, but constantly wake up?
3.     Do you dream so much that you wake up tired?
4.     Can you only sleep on your stomach, your back or right side?

The first 3 questions have to do with a deficiency in blood and imbalances in the heart, liver, spleen and kidneys. The last one is geared more towards folks who have asthma or diet issues. Along with those questions an acupuncturist will ask other questions concerning a variety of other things like emotions, working, diet, sexual activity, childbirth, energy and temperature levels.

There are also many points on the body that an acupuncturist can use or acupressure can be applied to that can help calm the mind and close the eyes for better sleep. One such point is Bladder 62, on the outside of the foot, this point can be stimulated with the fingers for a few minutes before going to bed. It is about a half an inch below the bottom border of the lateral malleolus (the rounded bone of the ankle) in a tiny depression behind the tendons. Look at the above picture to a get a better idea.

If you suffer from insomnia please consider getting a consultation along with a few treatments from an acupuncturist, it can do wonders to regulate the body’s system for better sleep. I hope this has been a helpful article, I hope you have a wonderful day and please leave any comments or questions. Thank you!


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